“Michael Berezin personally trained me for a 5-day, 400-kilometer bike ride that I was participating in. I was completely out of shape and came to Michael only 4 weeks before the event. He worked with me every single day, and provided me the education I needed to work on my own as well, in order to be optimally prepared for the event. I’m so excited to say that I achieved my results of completing the entire 400 kilometers, and there’s no way I could have done it without Michael’s professional, untiring help.
I also highly recommend Michael for his massage services, as I employed them for my sore muscles both before and after the event. I found a dramatic difference in muscle stiffness and soreness from before I came to the massage and after.
I all around highly recommend Michael for his services. He is dedicated. He is professional. And he will give you the personal time that is so often compromised with other services.
Thank you Mike!!”

-Yosef Adest

I have been seeing Michael regularly for about 1 1/2 years for treatment of parkinson’s disease.  At first, we were working together twice weekly.  After several months, it dropped down to once a week, and I have maintained that schedule ever since.  When I first started working with Michael, I was experiencing extreme episodes of tremors in my arms, hands and legs.  I had lost my balance to a great extent and was falling rather frequently.  I had also lost my sense of smell, which was an early sign of the pd, and I often stammered when speaking.  Almost immediately after the first treatment, I began to feel stronger and less shaky.  Within weeks of starting treatment, I began to see remarkable improvements in all areas.  I stopped experiencing episodes of extreme shakiness, and my balance improved.  I stopped falling.  I regained my sense of smell.  Now, I can tell when I need a treatment, even before Michael arrives.  I usually start to shake more about a day or two before the session with Michael, and I notice that my speech becomes more difficult in that I begin to stammer.  I am stiff and uncomfortable.  Michael tailors the program he has developed for me to my specific needs, as I am sure he does with each client.  He uses the cold laser on various sections of my skull, aimed at the sections of the brain that are involved in my condition.  Then, we have a rigorous workout that includes exercises for strength training, balance, and coordination.  At the end of the hour, I feel tired but fantastic.  Over the course of the week, I notice hardly any shaking (unless I am feeling very tired and stressed).  My speech is clear, my balance is improved, although not yet perfect, and my walk is better.  I have greater energy and strength so that I can do more.   I am convinced that Michael is the best physical trainer/therapist available here in Israel.  He is bright, personable, and knows what he is doing.

– Laurine

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